Haworth Art And Design

I am always willing to help local budding artists, if I can.


In 2007 we distributed 100 canvases, sets of paints and brushes to individuals around the village. Some were professional artists, others complete beginners. The youngest was 3 and the oldest 84. All were asked to paint how they personally viewed Haworth. Of the 100 canvasses distributed, all but two were returned. They were then screwed together and fixed to a specially designed frame. This was then attached to the gable-end of the Black Bull pub, at the top of Main Street, for nine days. At night it was illuminated by a specialist lighting designer. Every-one who took part enjoyed it... and seven of them have taken up painting as a direct result! After the exhibition, the majority of the canvasses were auctioned off and raised £2000 for local charities.

The Haworth’s gallery wouldn’t be possible if not for the possibilities created by the appropriate design. We created our gallery in a non-profit way, choosing free space and the best cheap awnings that we could get. We are overjoyed that we could create such project from scratch, and participate in the life of our community.