Family relations vs social media

For many people social media are a big part of their life, therefore it’s not a surprise that such activity can have a huge influence on the relationships we have with those closest to us. While the effects can be both positive and negative, it’s important to remember that between social media and family, it’s family that should always come first.

Negative effects

When everyone in the family keeps checking their phones and social media instead of spending time together, the relationship between them can easily deteriorate. It’s not difficult to feel ignored when a person you’re talking to keeps getting distracted all the time. Another thing which can trigger conflict is what we actually post online. It’s especially important for parents posting pictures of their kids on social media, to consider what the effects of sharing such photos may be. Not everyone wants to have their life presented to others on the Facebook feed and some things may be better off staying private.

Excessive use of the internet can have serious health consequences, at the point when the constant need to check notification becomes a bit too strong, it may be a good idea to take a break. Even for adults who know the consequences of addiction, it may be easy to ignore the signs, but the effect social media has on kids is even greater. It’s also been proven that there is a link between the use of social media and depression, which is another thing to pay attention to, if you want to keep your family safe.

Negative effects of social media
Social media Positive effects

Positive effects

Social media isn’t all bad. When used wisely and in moderation, it can also have a positive impact. Even families who can’t spend a lot of time together can now easily keep in touch and share their experiences with each other. For parents who travel a lot, e.g. due to work commitments, the use of social media will also have great effects on their relationship with their kids.

Families can grow apart - kids grow up, start their own families, move to different places. It’s difficult to maintain a close relationship if you only talk on the phone once in a while or see each other during holidays. However, with easy access to video conversations and potentially sharing as many pictures and conversations as we want, social media can help reduce such problems.

If you want to keep up with what’s happening in the world, it’ll be difficult to avoid social media. Its impact on our lives is getting bigger and bigger all the time. But if you don’t forget about the risks, you may be able to use it to improve the relationship you have with your relatives.