I attended art college during the original (and best) 'summer of love'.

Upon leaving I served an apprenticeship as a jewellery designer with an established major jeweller in central Manchester

I started producing lapel badges early in the 70's and have been making them ever since. Investing in new plant, I expanded our range and introduced the current range of new promotional products.

During the 70's, I co-designed one of the first adventure playgrounds in the north of England; then went on to design and work on many other adventure-play projects across the North West.

I also went back to University to study Education, gaining a post-18 Certificate in Education, qualifying me to teach further and higher education.

My work has been exhibited in many major galleries throughout England and Ireland (including the Manchester Gallery of Contemporary Art, St. George's Hall in Liverpool, The Design Exchange in Bradford ), at the Brighter Homes Exhibition, many 'lesser' galleries and of course many pubs, bars and other ' lowly places.'

I am a laureate of a 'Star Person' award for promoting the visual arts. Additionally, I was awarded for 'community integration through art'.

I have qualifications in art and design, teaching, management skills, horticulture, electrics, business management, play and group leadership (NPFA).

Haworth gallery